Slimming by 30 kg

My real story of losing weight about how I slowly, but surely lost as much as 30 kg!
I'm 22 and I've never been thin, always jealous of my more harmonious girlfriends, tried to become like them. On what only diets I did not sit, from the account I lost.

I could never endure to the end of the diet, I broke down, and the weight dropped back to me very quickly, taking with them a couple more extra pounds. Besides, I could never bring myself to do sports.

As a result, by March 2013, I weighed 90 kg, I had problems with hormones, thyroid gland, against the background of obesity, I could not bear the child, I left a young man with whom we met for 5 years.

Then I decided to seriously take on myself, went to the endocrinologist-nutritionist, passed all the necessary tests. The doctor prescribed Dukan's diet for me.

I immediately saw the benefits of this diet

First, you do not need to limit yourself in time and quantity of eating, that is, you could eat at any time, the main principle of a diet is not to feel hunger.

The only condition - products that could be eaten, should be from the list of allowed diet. Basically it is protein food: fish, seafood, lean meat, skim milk, vegetables.

Secondly, you do not need to exhaust yourself with sports. A half-hour walk outdoors a day is enough.

Thirdly, the diet involves 3 stages that help to consolidate the result achieved and not to collect all ill-fated kilograms back. By the way, this is the problem of many diets. First you restrict yourself severely, the body experiences stress, and when the diet ends, you start eating the same way as before, because of this, you eventually gain more than lose.

So we can say that the Ducane diet is more a way of life, because it is designed for a long time, and as a result you are so used to it that you do not want to return to the previous diet regime.

Cons also have a diet Dyukana

But in our world there is nothing ideal, therefore in this remarkable diet there are also minuses.

First, the lack of vitamins, since you can mainly eat only protein foods. It is necessary from the first day of the diet to take a multivitamin as "Complly."

Secondly, the time of the diet. Quickly you will not lose weight on it, kilograms will go away a little, and weight can rise for a long time.

The main thing is not to drop your hands and continue. And when you still achieve the desired result, you can not stop the diet anyway, you will need to go to the next stage to fix the weight. For every lost kilogram, 10 days of fixation.

Thirdly, the list of allowed products is rather limited. Most of all I was disappointed that you can not eat fruit and berries, especially hard to do it in the summer.

But I think that it's all trifles. Plus more and they are much more significant. As a result, for 9 months I lost 30 kg, began to weigh 60. I did not feel any special inconveniences on this diet, I never felt hunger.

And most importantly - I met my future husband and became pregnant, now I'm already at the 9th month, I never laid on the preservation, although before that the same endocrinologist doctor told me that as a result of hormonal failure I can not bear the child. Apparently my hormonal background came back to normal.

I advise everyone this diet, especially those who tried everything, and nothing helped him. The main thing is patience and perseverance, and you will succeed.

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