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On the Hainan Island, China, agricultural enterprises have established standards for sorting agricultural products and selling fruits

Sales of agricultural products on the island of Hainan, China in recent years have pursued the development of agriculture and increased farmers' incomes, so yesterday Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ku Dunyo said at a briefing on the state council that "standardization of agricultural products and pre-treatment of sorting are prerequisites to increase the number of transactions for the sale of fruit on the island of Hainan. "
Kae Yupeng, the dean of the Hainan Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Rural Economics, believes that with the breakdown of market consumer groups, agricultural products must be sold in strict accordance with standards, and the price level should be open.

Wang Heng, general secretary of the Chengmai Pineapple Association and head of the Chengmai Agricultural Industrial Park, shared the same feeling: "Screening fruit in the process of sorting has a positive impact on the stabilization of quality and brand enhancement. At the moment, the park has received an order for 8,000 acres of pineapple, so the wholesale price of pineapple own brand of the Chengmai Pineapple Association is up to 140 yuan / box (about 20 kg), and the lowest price is 70 yuan / box. If the pineapple planted by the farmer does not meet the acquisition criteria and can not be evaluated, it can only sell 40 yuan / box.

However, on the island of Hainan, there are problems with the sale of fruit, because farmers do not have good technologies, the quality of the fruit is unstable. Secondly, because of information asymmetry, farmers do not know who should sell fruit. " Wang Heng said that in the future, unified standards will be created to guide farmers to standardize planting and increase farmers' income through long-term sales through the association model between the association and the interests of farmers.

In the industrial park of the agricultural online store Chengmai on the wall next to the mechanical weight classifier is placed an illustration of mold, sunburn and small defects on pineapple. "At present, our sorting of agricultural products is still semi-automated and semi-mechanized" - Wang Heng said.

Wang Heng said that to solve the problem of sorting, the park plans to introduce a fully automated pool sorter worth 4 million yuan from abroad next year. In foreign countries, the sorting process refers to the production process. However, in Hainan, due to the small planting of farmers and the high cost of machinery and equipment, the sorting process must be handled by powerful agricultural product distributors.

In Haikou is currently preparing for the creation of the Alliance for the Processing of Agricultural Products Litchi (Alliance). The Alliance is responsible for developing a standard for the registration of large-scale lychee processing processes and the creation of a deep processing product, Haikou Lizhi (Litchi). The government will support the development of the alliance in the form of insurance loans.


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