Discounts and sale of cheap air tickets in 2019: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain

In Rome, 2000 rubles!

Direct flight from Moscow:

You can return back for 3000.rub:

In Leipzig (Germany) for 3999 rubles. back and forth from Moscow!
The airline Victory in February has tickets to Leipzig TOTAL for 3999 rubles. There and back again!!!

In Düsseldorf (Germany) in the summer for 7400 rubles. back and forth from Moscow!
The airline S7 until the end of the year has a very cheap tickets to Dusseldorf for only 7400 rubles. There and back again

To Prague (Czech Republic) for 6100 r. round-trip from Moscow DIRECT!
In February and March, Ural Airlines has mega-cheap tickets to the capital of the Czech Republic from Moscow for just 6,100 rubles. round trip direct flight

To Turin (Italy) for 8800 rub. round-trip from Moscow in the summer !!!
The airline Alitalia, until July, inclusive, at the SUPER price - Turin, just 8800 rubles. There and back again

In Alicante (Spain) for 12,400 rubles. round-trip from Moscow DIRECT!
S7 - come across very cheap tickets to Alicante for just 12,400 rubles. round trip - super offer

Discounts and sale of cheap air tickets in 2019: Egypt, Malaysia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain

February 2019
Moscow - Hurghada - 5 thousand rubles:
Hurghada - Moscow - 6 thousand rubles:

Moscow - Sharm el-Sheikh - 5 thousand rubles:
Sharm el-Sheikh - Moscow: 6 thousand rubles:

from Moscow to Munich from 7400r for round-trip,
→ Moscow - Munich - Moscow (June 10-13):
→ Moscow - Munich - Moscow (November 2-4):

From Moscow The capital of Malaysia and the island paradise from 21 900 per round-trip flight 2019
KL 21 900
Langkawi 22,000

In the spring of 2019 in Slovakia direct flights budget!

Moscow - Bratislava - 2700 rub:
Bratislava - Moscow - 2700 rub:

From Moscow to Prague in 2019 for just 5900 round-trip

Avivkompaniya S7 Ticket sale 2019 year:
→ St. Petersburg - Salzburg - St. Petersburg (February) 7700r:
→ Moscow - Naples - Moscow (March) £ 7:
→ St. Petersburg - Innsbruck - St. Petersburg (February) $ 11,000:
→ St. Petersburg - Alicante - St. Petersburg (April) £ 8:
→ St. Petersburg - Stockholm (May) 3500r: