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The international sports race on bicycles Tour of Hainan-2017 will be held from October 28 to November 2017

The international sports race on bikes Tour of Hainan-2017 will be held from October 28 to November 2017, during the 9 days the participants of the race will travel 1571.2 km across the entire island of Hainan - only 17 cities and counties. The general classification of the Tour of Hainan-2017 is the ranking of the riders according to the accumulated time, and the winner of the Tour of Hainan-2017 is the cyclist, the total time (that is, the sum of the times of all stages) of which is the smallest among all participants of the Tour of Hainan-2017, stage Tour of Hainan-2017 is considered a great achievement of the rider regardless of his final position in the general classification of Tour of Hainan-2017. In addition to the time rating, there are other nominations in the Tour of Hainan-2017: the best sprinter, the best mountain racer; the best young racer. The leaders of the Tour of Hainan-2017 in these nominations are fighting in colored T-shirts of a certain color. During the cycle race, the highest temperature in the southern region of Hainan Island is 29 ~ 31 ℃, the rest of the island is 27 ~ 29 ℃, the lowest temperature will be 18 ~ 20 ℃ in the inland areas of Hainan Island, and 21-23 in the coastal areas.


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