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One of the best accommodation options in Sanya City on Hainan Island is renting an apartment with sea views 三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓.
A beautiful view from the rooms and from the terrace to the sea will delight even the most discerning tourists.
 三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 have apartments with a full range of services and their own infrastructure. Only instead of a hotel room you get an apartment for your full personal use. The apartments differ from the room in a larger area (as a rule, it is a living room and a bedroom), plus a kitchen, which can be combined with a living room, is obligatory


The developed resort infrastructure near the apartments 三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 allows you to relax at the highest level. The entire infrastructure is aimed at creating the most comfortable and favorable conditions for family holidays, recreation by youth companies, for couples in love, etc.

You can rent an apartments  三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 of any area you need for any period, short or longer.
Do not forget that long-term rent is a more profitable option financially, therefore, if you have free time, then you should not hesitate, but rent an apartment in  三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 for a longer period.

Renting apartments and apartments  三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 is an excellent alternative to hotels and therefore is the best option for those who have certain financial constraints, but want to have a decent rest in one of the most amazing and unique places on the island of Hainan.


 三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 is located 1.5 km from Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area. The fishermen can also take you to the West Island by boat. Standing on the beach below, you can see the Guanyin statue in the scenic area of Nanshan Temple.


The rooms are comfortable and warm, all with their own bathrooms, standard rooms with double beds:


If you wish, you can rent an apartments 三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 with meals included in the restaurant of the complex - three meals a day, seafood or fish every day, coffee and milk for free, bottled drinking water and Western food will also be provided. Residents note that the food here is delicious and hearty:

Double room: RMB 2980 per person per month, if booked for six months - RMB 2700 per person per month.
Single room: RMB 4500 per person per month for six months, if booked for six months stay - RMB 4200 per person.
A deposit is 500 RMB.
It is also possible to rent apartments for periods of less than a month.

三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 guarantees that by using its services, you will have the opportunity to have a great time in Hainan, regardless of the length of your vacation.
三 亚丽 湾 海景 公寓 are ready to offer you the best conditions, both in terms of the condition and equipment of the apartments themselves, you can always use the services of our consultants who will be happy to help you: