There is no typhoon in Hainan, but periodic rains are expected in Sanya and Haikou, Hainan, China until August 25, 2019 - a map of clouds and rains from the satellite


The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Observatory reported that until August 25, 2019 in the cities of Hainan, including Sanya and Haikou, heavy rains are expected, for a longer period there is no forecast.


Currently, there are no typhoons and tropical storms near Hainan Island, China, so all rains are only periodic, but not lingering - periods of rainfall are periodically replaced by sunny weather.


A radar map of precipitation and clouds, as well as satellite images of the location of showers over Hainan Island as of the morning of August 22, 2019 can be seen in the video at the top of this article - the clouds are shown in red and the places of rain in green and blue.


You can also order weather and accurate satellite images on our website, along with a cloud radar map of clouds and rains at any current time and over any city in Hainan, China.


Created: 22 August 2019