Crazy Sports Group and Macau New Longchen Group have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the International Professional Boxing Union (IPBU). The first fight is slated to take place in Macau during 2021, followed by a series of iconic International Professional Boxing Union (IPBU) bouts in Hainan. Crazy Sports Group is reportedly a digital sports entertainment operating group and the Macau New Longchen Group is authorized to host IPBU events.


Both sides will jointly promote the holding of large-scale international professional boxing competitions in Hainan and jointly promote the development of professional boxing in Hainan and throughout the country. Both sides plan to host hundreds of leading international professional boxing competitions in Hainan over three years to help popularize grassroots boxing and establish strategic partnerships in the areas of boxing technical talent exchange, boxing competition organization, planning and promotion. As a warm-up for the event to be held in Hainan, the first IPBU international professional boxing series after the signing of the agreement will be held in Macau on October 19, 2021, and the event in Hainan will be held in December 2021.


Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crazy Sports Group, said: “It can be foreseen that China's sports industry will enter a new growth cycle of dual innovation at the competitive and commercial levels in the post-epidemic era. The sports market on the mainland is linked through the work of major events, striving to form a synergistic effect and contribute to the innovative development of the sports industry"


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Created: 05 July 2021