Hainan Free Trade Port Blockchain Test Zone Created - China's First Officially Recognized Blockchain Zone

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center and Fire Co. China and Chain People International held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at Chengmai Hainan Software Park.


 In this collaboration, all parties will rely on the benefits of the Hainan Free Trade Zone to test the Hainan blockchain and promote the beneficial development of the blockchain to expand the real economy and help the Hainan free trade zone to create a world-class “free digital port”.


It is reported that Hainan Ecological Software Park is an industrial innovative enterprise of the Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port, creating a high-end talent gathering place and Internet industry demo zone. In the Hainan Environmental Software Park, the “Hainan Zone Free Trade Port Blockchain Test Zone” was created, which is also the first officially recognized blockchain pilot zone in China.


Created: 13 August 2019