Statistics of export and import of Hainan Province, China in 2020

In the first three quarters, the total import and export of goods in Hainan Province, China amounted to 63.092 billion yuan, down 5.8% over the previous year and down 6.5 percentage points over the first half. Among them, the value of imports of goods amounted to 44.190 billion yuan, an increase of 3.2%, which is 13.6 percentage points faster than in the first half; export value of goods amounted to 18.902 billion yuan, a decrease of 21.7%.


In the first three quarters, total imports and exports of services in Hainan Province, China totaled 12.833 billion yuan, down 17.4% from the previous year and 6.1 percentage points less than in the first half.


In the first three quarters, the actual use of foreign capital in Hainan Province, China was USD 589 million, an increase of 88.2% over the same period last year.


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Created: 17 November 2020