Boao Lecheng International Medicine Center in Hainan Island, China to open all buildings in August 2021

Boao Lecheng International Medicine Center is located at the intersection of Kangle Road and Leii Avenue, near Kangxiang Road in Boao on Hainan Island, China. Using high quality medical services, industrial incubation and operational services as the main project positioning in development, creating a cluster for the development of the medical industry, creating an industrial development platform for medical companies so that they can enter the pioneering field. An important incubation project in the medical industry, this project will be transformed into a medical industry incubation base and talent gathering at Boao on Hainan Island, China.


The Boao Lecheng International Medicine Center project plans to construct 6 buildings, including industrial offices located in buildings A, B, D and E, and ancillary service facilities located on the ground floor to maximize the flow of people.


Building C is a service apartment, Building F is an industrial service center. Building F of the Boao Lecheng International Medicine Center was commissioned and opened at the end of 2020. Buildings A, B, C, D and E are also expected to be completed and operational by August 2021.


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Создано: 07 февраля 2021