First pair of sea lions delivered to Sanya Aquarium, Hainan Island, China from London for breeding

On August 18, 2019, the plane safely delivered from London, England to Sanya Phoenix International Airport after 11 hours of flight a couple of California sea lions.  


In the city of Sanya, an inspection team was organized for quarantine supervision of sea lions, individual quarantine surveillance programs were introduced.


The relevant person in charge of customs Sanya said: “After the sea lions arrived safely, we immediately boarded the plane for clinical health checks, checked the official certificate and controlled the process of quarantine processing and disinfection of contact personnel, aircraft, delivery vehicles, loading and unloading sites and vehicles. The whole process took only 50 minutes. "


After quarantine supervision at the site was completed, Sanya customs officers controlled the delivery of sea lions to the oceanarium, which Sanya tourists would see after the end of the 30-day quarantine period.


Создано: 22 августа 2019