In the first half of 2019, Hainan Island, China was visited by 1.359 million foreign passengers, an increase of 18% compared with 2018

The Haikou border inspection and entry station reported that the number of entries and exits from Hainan Province abroad in the first half of 2019 reached a new high: 1.359 million foreign passengers entered and left the country.


Compared to the same period in 2018, this figure increased by 18%, the number of ships increased by 17%, compared to the same period in 2018, it was also found that 173 people violated laws and rules.


The Hainan Province Ministry of Security Office evaluated the effect of visa-free policies for inbound tourism from 59 countries on Hainan Island, China, and said it would strive to further optimize measures to manage services and expand the scope of visa exemptions and simplify entry and exit procedures for Yacht on the island of Hainan.


Created: 11 September 2019