VIDEO: Shanghai resident fished directly from the balcony during quarantine and was detained for a month

On May 5, a Shanghai resident was detained for a month for fishing in the river from his balcony, according to Chinese social media.


According to the defendant's daughter, the father has been in home quarantine for a month. During the quarantine period, he often fished on the balcony to relieve boredom, and he has already caught a lot of fish.


In the video, he stands on the balcony with a fishing rod in his hand and fishes in the river below, his daughter said that on this day he caught a large fish weighing 4 kilograms.


Such fishing requires the cooperation of two people, the fisherman first pulled the fish caught on the hook to the shore, and then the fisherman's assistant, who was on the shore, picked up the fish with a net, see the video below:

Создано: 06 мая 2022