VIDEO: "Kanas water monster" seen by Chinese tourists in the waters of Lake Kanas in Xinjiang

Today, a video is circulating on Chinese social media showing an unidentified creature floating on a lake, kicking waves in the waters of Lake Kanas in Xinjiang (see video above).


On the morning of May 19, Xinjiang's Kanas Scenic Site reported that the lake had not previously been explored or studied for large creatures.


Although earlier, back in 1980, the news about the water monster was published in the Guangming Daily, which attracted the attention of people from all provinces of China. Since then, tourists have claimed to have seen a water monster from time to time, which is called the "Kanas water monster".


According to public information, "Kanas" in Mongolian means "beautiful and mysterious lake." Lake Kanas is located in the northern part of Burkin County, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and starts from Kalemasha in the north, Hewut in the south, Tievaik in the east and Alguisaly in the west.

Создано: 19 мая 2022