World's longest flight route Hong Kong-New York may soon be possible thanks to sanctions against Russia

The world may soon have a new longest air route. Cathay Pacific plans to fly over Russian airspace on a flight from Hong Kong to New York: a route of more than 16,600 km will take about 17 hours, previously a route from Hong Kong to New York flying through the Arctic and over Russia was 12,990 km and took about 15 hours.


This dubious achievement will be achieved due to the need to circle Russian airspace. The flight with a length of more than 16,600 km will fly over Central Asia, Turkey, Europe; Airbus A350-1000 aircraft will be able to fly from Hong Kong to New York on the new route.

Accordingly, the new prices for Hong Kong-New York flights will be significantly higher than prices before the sanctions against Russia.

Created: 30 March 2022