WeChat: for first time is now available adding friends via PC- install version 3.6.0 of WeChat for PC

For a long time, the PC version of WeChat has been criticized by users for not having a feature to add friends. It was very inconvenient for office workers to pick up their mobile phones to add friends.


WeChat released the official WeChat 3.6.0 update for Windows today, and the long-awaited "Add Friends" feature is finally here.

Users can directly click the "+" after the search bar to search and add friends.


It is worth mentioning that in WeChat version 3.6.0 for PC, when users drag and drop images or files to send to their friends, they can also leave a message to their friends at the same time, making it more convenient to describe the content of the message.


However, the function to add messages to WeChat Moments (WeChat circle of friends) in WeChat 3.6.0 for PC has not been launched yet.

Created: 20 March 2022