AliExpress refuses to accept cards of Russian banks that are subject to sanctions

In recent days, many messages have appeared on Russian social networks that AliExpress refuses to accept cards from Russian banks that have fallen under sanctions.


However, some people from Russia also report that they do not accept cards from other banks from Russia - some people had refusals to pay for cards of Sberbank, VTB, Otkritie, Tinkoff and BCS, in this case it gave an error or the transaction was rejected by the bank.


It is reported that residents of Russia already manage to pay for everything through Megafon or Qiwi:

1 choose to pay by card, of course it doesn’t work

2 choose by phone

3 choose an operator, drive in your phone

4 SMS comes with a number that needs to be sent in a reverse SMS


Payment via Qiwi in AliExpress is carried out by most residents of Russia.

Created: 29 April 2022