Chinese electric vehicles plan to be produced in Russia at the end of 2022

The Autoreview newspaper announced plans to produce Chinese electric vehicles in Russia at the end of 2022 - the first model could be an electric car under the Evolute brand called Voyah Free.


It is assumed that a new production of electric vehicles will be organized in Lipetsk under the Evolute brand, a powerful electric crossover will receive a twin-engine power plant with 694 hp. and a 34.6 kWh battery.


The Voyah Free originally debuted in China in December 2020 and is offered in both hybrid and pure electric versions. The most expensive equipment of an electric car without hybrid additions will be localized in Russia. For the flagship crossover Evolute with a 695-horsepower installation, a power reserve of 750 km was promised.

Создано: 02 мая 2022