Caregivers of infected children may apply for accompaniment for certain children with special needs

Several Chinese media, reported that at a press conference  the first-level inspector of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission stated that service guarantee measures for the admission and treatment of infected children would be continuously improved:


1. It is necessary to strengthen the deployment of specialized medical teams in emergency departments so that they can receive standardized observation and treatment, and set up a special area for children to increase the power of care. At the same time, the parent-child treatment model is being applied for infections in family members, thus facilitating medical care.


2. For some children with special needs, сaregivers (parents) may apply for accompaniment and they may accompany them after fully understanding the possible health risks and signing a letter of engagement to inform them.


3. Parents who meet the conditions of escort should, under the guidance of staff, do a good job of personal protection, apply protective measures such as the standard wearing of masks, do not share household items with children, and strictly follow the safety and use of various management systems.

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