Omicron BA.5.2.1 coronavirus strain detected for the first time in Shanghai

Chinese media reported today that at the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control press conference held this afternoon, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that the results of the epidemiological investigation and comparison of viral gene sequencing have been comprehensively analyzed.


As a result, one case of infection with a variant strain of coronavirus Omicron BA.5.2.1 was detected, which was caused by a person associated with entry abroad.


The deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that recently, Shanghai continues to report local positive cases of the coronavirus and the potential risk of social transmission of the epidemic is still high. In order to contain the epidemic as soon as possible, it was decided to conduct a comprehensive street inspection in Huangpu, Xuhui, Changning, Jinan, Putuo, Hongkou, Yangpu, Minhang District, Baoshan District and other administrative areas where there are traces of positively infected people and screen personnel for the presence of nucleic acids.


From July 12 to 14, "2 tests in 3 days" will be conducted (i.e. two nucleic acid tests must be completed within 3 days, and there must be at least 24 hours between two nucleic acid tests). At the same time, scheduled inspections on weekends are still carried out as planned.