2019 Sanya International Forum of Sports and Health Tourism in Hainan, China

Recently, the 2019 International Sports and Health Tourism Forum was held in Sanya on Hainan, China.


 From tourism "eat and live" to "tourism and entertainment", with the addition of sports and healthy elements to tourism in Sanya on Hainan Island, a new format should appear - sports health tourism.


Sanya's mountains, sea and rivers are famous at home and abroad, according to the “Results of tourism economic activity research in the first half of 2019 and the Outbound Tourism Development Report” released by the China Tourism Research Institute, it is expected that in the first half of 2019 the number of domestic tourists will reach 3.08 billion people, and revenue from domestic tourism - 2.78 trillion yuan.


The global tourism industry is growing rapidly. In recent years, the tourism industry has been gradually subdivided into various forms and markets. Sports health tourism is gradually coming to the fore and becoming the "new favorite" of the tourism market.


In this regard, He Veni, executive director of Peking University's National Sports Industry Research Base and Ph.D., holds the same view. “In 2018, the total output of China's sports industry amounted to 2.409 trillion yuan, with a value added of 798.5 billion yuan, a growth rate of 14%, which is GDP. The share exceeds 1%. "


With increasing national incomes, the masses in China increased their consumption in education, culture, entertainment, leisure, tourism, etc. Sports and recreation as a fashionable way of recreation have become a trend. People are more willing to take part in sports and recreational projects that enhance physical health, restore physical strength, and increase awareness of physical exercises such as hiking, swimming, skiing, and watching large-scale competitions.


The three main sectors of sports, healthcare and tourism are moving towards cross-border and deep integration. The global tourism industry has also entered a new stage of integration, innovation and development, this is Sport + Health + Tourism.


 In recent years, Sanya has gradually become a "golden calling card" for Hainan and even China with its unique geographical location, climatic conditions, natural landscape and excellent tourism, recreation, recreation and international conferences, which are popular among tourists from all over the world.


 Wang Jiangshen, general director of the Sanya Tourism Industry Association, said that China's Sanya Sports Tourism Forum in 2019 brought together experts and scientists in the field of sports, healthcare and tourism at home and abroad through innovative events.


 Philip Graf Van Hardenberg, President and CEO of Tayapur Sports Health Resort, a professional sports complex combining professional sports training, medical examination and international education, said that Tayapur will be established in Sanya in the second sports resort in the world. This is also the first Tayapur project in China, which will officially open for receiving guests in 2022 and will help Sanya to develop the integration of “sports + health + tourism” to a new level.


 The relevant person in charge of the Sanya municipal government says that Sanya is now closely linked to the strategic positioning of Hainan's “three districts and one center”, aimed at building a world-class coastal tourism city, and vigorously developing a modern services industry led by tourism, tourism development and health. Deep integration of industries, culture, exhibitions, sports and other industries, the introduction and creation of world-class quality products, the active promotion of new forms of tourism consumption, the healthy development of the tourism industry and the provision of Sanya programs for the integration of sports, healthcare and tourism.


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