Opened the first intercontinental transoceanic route through the Hainan Free Trade Port, China

A few hours ago today, September 28, 2020, Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation, Yangpu Economic Development Zone Working Committee Steering Committee and COSCO Shipping Group Transportation Co., Ltd. jointly held the opening ceremony of the first intercontinental transoceanic route (Yangpu - South Pacific - North Australia) through the Hainan Free Trade Port.


The Yangpu South Pacific North Australia route is the first intercontinental transoceanic route opened by the Hainan Free Trade Port. This route is operated by COSCO SHIPPING Container Lines Co., Ltd. At this stage, two container ships with a capacity of 1400 containers have been put into operation, and the shipment schedule is designed for two weeks. The route passes through Hong Kong, China, Cebu in the Philippines, Lae and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, and the ports of Townsville and Darwin in Australia. It can supply coconuts, logs, beef, minerals and other products from Hainan and even China and the South Pacific. FMCG trade provides fast and efficient direct sea routes.


The opening of this route marked the beginning of the construction of an international container port in the Yangpu region, from the offshore to the dark blue era, while at the same time filling the gap between Yangpu and the Philippines. The route link between Yangpu and Hong Kong has greatly improved the Yangpu foreign trade route, laying the groundwork for Yangpu to play its role as a new gateway to land and sea in the west, vigorously develop water transport for foreign trade, and provide an important outlet for China to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


It is believed that since the Hainan Provincial Government and COSCO SHIPPING signed a strategic cooperation agreement in July 2018 and began an equity partnership with Hainan Port and Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. as a platform, COSCO SHIPPING took advantage of its own transportation resources and used the Yangpu Xiaochan Beach Terminal as a platform. Thanks to this, internal trade routes were laid with the main ports in the main inland regions. Foreign trade routes also expanded rapidly from Hong Kong and Vietnam to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Bangladesh.


Due to the aforementioned routes, the container volume at the Yangpu Xiaochang Beach Terminal from January to August 2020 was generally affected by new pneumonia worldwide and the overall cargo volume was declining. The total volume of containers rose against the trend: a total of 497,000 TEUs were completed, up from last year. 66%, of which: the volume of foreign trade containers amounted to 118,000 TEU, which is 432% more compared to the same period last year, and the growth rate entered the number of the country's leading ports, which clearly demonstrates the strong vitality and motivation of Hainan as a free trade port with Chinese features.


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