Haikou Customs will launch a series of new measures to integrate the system with the Hainan Free Trade Port

Haikou hosted a working conference of the Haikou customs service in 2021, at the meeting the work of Haikou customs in 2020 and the period of the "thirteenth five-year plan" was considered, the current situation was analyzed, and key tasks for 2021 were studied and set.


In 2021, Haikou Customs will focus on six aspects of the work. First, strengthen the party leadership and steadily strengthen the building of political institutions. In-depth study and reflection on Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, in-depth development of the creation of "an exemplary organization that satisfies the masses of people."


The second is to strengthen the effectiveness of supervision and make every effort to implement the requirements of "manageability". Establish a mechanism for interagency cooperation to jointly prevent and control overseas epidemics and diseases, improve the core public health capacity in the Hainan port, and make every effort to normalize the prevention and control of epidemics in ports; improve overall risk prevention and control capabilities and good performance after early implementation of the free trade port policy. Establish a business risk prevention and control mechanism such as the first line liberalization and second line management system of the Yangpu customs port and prevent other business risks and control mechanisms, and conduct research on the risk prevention and control system after the port customs operations free trade; strengthen positive supervision. Effectively conduct a "national guard" operation on imported food, improve the "no customs clearance" inspection regime for movement, and maintain high smuggling pressure.


The third is to emphasize integrated innovation and unswervingly support the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Promote the implementation of the Hainan Free Trade Port policy and timely conduct customs supervision and assessment of the policy implementation; launch a series of measures to integrate the system and innovate with the characteristics of the Hainan Free Trade Port to provide a policy reserve for complex customs operations. Continue to optimize the business environment in ports to ensure a stable and high-quality increase in foreign trade.


Fourth - strict management and qualitative development of party building in the customs sphere. The fifth is to empower the team and create a team of high-quality professional staff. Sixth, focus on work and improve overall safety effectively.


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