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Is the future of Hainan- China's largest industrial region with smog, dirty rivers? Or what really happened in 2018 after the 30th anniversary of Hainan Province, China- in Sanya is supposed to create a 100-kilometer industrial zone with factories

A few days ago in Hainan Province celebrated its 30th anniversary, and many media outlets in the world reported that for Hainan Province for the 30th anniversary was made a gift-a decision was made to establish an open economic zone on the Hainan Island with the formation of free trade ports.

This news has caused a storm of enthusiasm among many foreigners living on the island of Hainan, China, which are mainly engaged in tourism. However, in our opinion, there is no reason to rejoice at such short-sighted workers of Sanya's tourist industry on the Hainan Island, rather, on the contrary. And that's why, we analyzed a number of Chinese media, information in Chinese social networks and outline the view of Hainan's future with quotes from Chinese media, so:

Quotation # 1:

"Many say that Sanya is not suitable for industrial development, but relying on international trade ports, Sanya can develop an international processing industry and an international assembly industry, which is an excellent opportunity for Sanya."

This quotation shows that there is a decision to turn the city of Sanya into the largest industrial center of China with an emphasis on the development of the processing and assembly industry, rather than tourism, and what is expected to be processed in the city of Sanya? and the quotation No. 2 says:

"The sewing industry, cosmetics, paints, etc. can be produced, packed in the free industrial zone of Sanya Meishan, to take full advantage of the free trade zone of Hainan Island, it is good to use the policy of the free trade area and simultaneously process more, "

and what are they going to collect in Sanya?

And quote No. 3 says:

"Building on the construction of the Meishan International Industrial Park on the basis of the Meishan port, Boeing will be assembled, there are also German Mercedes-Benz cars that can be assembled in the Sanya port area and exported to all parts of the world."

and quotation No. 4:

"The advantages of the free trade port allow Hainan to develop an international container industry and an international delivery center.With the help of international ports of free trade, Sanya can develop the production of heavy equipment-excavators and other production machines have a large and stable demand in the domestic market. to attract Japanese manufacturers to build factories in the port area of ​​Sanya for the construction of "assembly shops" and "export" sales to the markets of China and abroad"

As a result, it is planned to create the largest in China industrial zone with an area of ​​100 square kilometers in Meishan (10 kilometers from the center of Sanya city), but it is much or not? And this is comparable to the area of ​​all residential real estate in Sanya, that is, soon a new city will emerge in Sanya- from factories.

This confirms that, simultaneously with the decision to create a free economic zone and free ports on the island of Hainan, it was decided (for the first time in modern Chinese history) to allow foreign companies to manufacture aircraft and cars in China.

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