Subway woman fined for making cell phone loud and list of other Chinese fines

On June 18, 2022, in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, a woman on the subway turned on a loud sound on her mobile phone, subway patrol officers accidentally saw this and issued a fine to this woman.


At present, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanjing, Zhengzhou and other cities have issued relevant regulations prohibiting the sound of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and smart watches. Among them, the Zhengzhou Subway Passenger Code stipulates that passengers must conscientiously maintain the environmental health of stations and carriages and travel order, and prohibit the following activities that affect the public order of the subway, the appearance of public places and environmental health:


(1) Smoking (including e-cigarettes), spitting, defecation, gum chewing, rubbish crusts, scraps of paper, packaging, writing, etc. in stations or train compartments;


(2) lie down, beg, make art, collect waste or sell products without permission, participate in marketing activities, sing and dance, shoot promotional videos, etc. in a train station or train compartment;


(3) Stepping on seats, stalking and making noise, making loud noises or playing musical instruments in stations or train cars, or making noises when using electronic equipment;


(4) Unauthorized installation of kiosks at the station, sale or distribution of items, distribution of promotional materials, etc. at the station or in a train compartment;


(5) Drawing on stations, train cars or other subway facilities and equipment, hanging or displaying items without permission;


(6) Eating in a train compartment (except for infants and the sick);


(7) Unauthorized parking of vehicles and stacking of things on the territory of the station, use of various types of scooters, skateboards (roller skates), roller skates, monocycles, self-balancing vehicles, bicycles and electric vehicles (except for the disabled) on the territory of the station. or people on a moped in a train compartment), etc.;


(8) Lean on the side wall of the escalator, push, play on the running escalator;


(9) harassment of passengers at stations and trains and other acts affecting sanitation at stations and carriages and the order of passengers.