The construction of the stadium of the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park on Hainan Island, China is nearing completion

The construction of the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park on Hainan Island, China is already 95% completed, the facade mask of the sports and industrial park stadium is being assembled, the facade mask of the stadium is shaped like heron wings, elegant and mobile, embodying the features of the tropical coastal tourist city of Sanya. The membrane roof structure is the latest structural part of the stadium's innovative steel, cable and membrane design. The stadium roof system is now fully completed.


The bright sun shining in the stadium of the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park has made this white building even whiter and more translucent. Once completed, the stadium's membrane roof structure looks like a huge white cloud. It is lightweight, flexible and transparent.


Li Bin, deputy chief engineer of the stadium project, said that after much research and detailed design, the best construction plan was determined. The roof membrane structure has successfully installed 260 arches and 52 membrane surfaces, and the membrane surface has an area of ​​ about 35,000 square meters. m., demonstrating a beautiful architectural effect.


The PTFE membrane construction material used in the stadium roof membrane construction is also an important consideration. "The material of the PTFE membrane structure has high strength, good durability, flame retardancy, flame retardancy, self-cleaning and other properties, and it is not sticky. Known solid materials cannot adhere to its surface," Li Bin said, PTFE membrane construction materials are not affected by ultraviolet radiation After absorbing ultraviolet light, the glass fiber will gradually fade and become whiter and whiter.It is suitable for Sanya, which has a high UV intensity, and can also greatly save the cost of stadium roof film maintenance.


It is reported that the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park has a total construction area of ​​86,000 square meters and the stadium has 45,000 seats.


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