Optimizing a website for browsers to promote a company's website on the Internet

Created: 15 December 2021

Website optimization for browsers is necessary for any website, since different users on the Internet use different browsers, so your website design should be optimized for use in such popular browsers as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari so that your customers never there were no problems with viewing the necessary information about the activities of your company and ordering the goods or services they liked.


However, users very often face the fact that Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari accept styles differently and recalculate them in an excellent way, which leads to the fact that your site design may appear differently on these browsers and users they will simply not be able to notice the information they need in some cases, for example, the distance between the H1 and P tags in these browsers is different, which leads to the unequal display of the same text. The speed of loading pages of a site is one of the important indicators of its quality. Due to the low speed, the user may not wait for the page to open and go to another resource. This reduces the level of trust in the site, its traffic and affects other statistical indicators.


The design of the site should be developed in such a way that it would be convenient for users who visit it from smartphones or tablets to navigate through the pages, view content, interact with buttons, links, etc. For this, either a separate mobile version of the site is created (pages open under another URL), or the design is made responsive, i.e. adapting to different screen resolutions and device types.


Despite the fact that HTML is a special and standardized markup language for web pages, the HTML code of the page may sometimes contain errors, which sometimes lead to the fact that in some browsers instead of the information of your site or online store, only a message about error and users who use such browsers, of course, will not be able not only to order your goods or services, but also generally read any information on your website or online store, because each browser has its own algorithms by which it will correct HTML errors on opened web pages.


The specialists of PRAGMA LLC will collect all the statistics on how users use your site or online store in a wide variety of browsers and will make sure that all information on your site or online store will be displayed in the same way in these browsers, it does not matter which exotic browsers are used by your clients in the process


The cost of services of PRAGMA LLC for optimizing a website for browsers is from 25 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.