Sell an apartment in Sanya, Hainan, China near the sea in the city downtown, inexpensively, close to developed infrastructure

Created: 12 February 2022

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     Sell an apartment in Sanya, Hainan - after the purchase, foreigners can apply for a visa for 2 years to China and then renew it many times every 2 years.
The owner of the apartment will tell and show the documents how, after the purchase, on the basis of a certificate of ownership, legally apply for a visa to China for 2 years for himself and all family members and then renew it many times every 2 years.

      If you apply to the migration office in the general manner, you will most likely be refused, but according to Chinese laws, there is an absolutely legal way to obtain a visa to China on the basis of a document on the ownership of an apartment, but subject to a certain registration procedure - there is, but not advertised wide, special category of visas for real estate investors in China (Please note - the explanation will be provided ONLY to the REAL BUYER, with a request to just tell - do not disturb).

     The apartment is located 600 meters from the sea in the heart of the main bay of Sanya (Sanyavan) in the center of Sanya on the island of Hainan, about 15 minutes walk to the sea.
Lijing Hot Spring Apartment
West end of Jiefang 4th Road, Sanya
500 meters towards Yanglan.
Apartment size: 47 square meters
Windows facing north

The apartment is equipped with TV, sofa, table and chairs.
Separate shower room, separate kitchen, large balcony,
Separate bathroom, large room
High ceilings, higher than in ordinary Chinese apartments
The documents are all in order and executed as required by Chinese law

    Sale price=900 thousand yuan=90万元
If you have any questions about the apartment or you want to see the apartment and talk with the owner of the apartment about the purchase, write to the E-mail owner of the apartment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.