Boao Lecheng held a seminar on the development opportunities of medical tourism in Hainan 2020


At Boao Lecheng, 230 guests and representatives from relevant departments of Hainan Province, tourism research institutes, well-known medical and tourism companies and organizations in China such as Switzerland and Thailand came together to discuss the world's health status in a “keynote speech + discussion at the forum + inspection and docking ”, as well as discuss the development trends of the medical tourism industry in Hainan.


Sun Ying, director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports, said in her speech that after testing to prevent and control epidemics, the Hainan tourism economy has recovered significantly, and Hainan has gradually become a well-known safe travel destination. Hainan is actively developing health tourism. At the right time, there are fundamentals, conditions and benefits - Hainan Free Trade Port has huge political dividends, clear health policy benefits, outstanding environmental benefits, and accelerated health + tourism integration. The combined action of these factors will make Hainan popular.


Zhou Changqiang, director of the Hainan Provincial Health Commission, said that as a breakthrough in the high-level development of the health care industry in Hainan, medical tourism in Kanyang opens up new opportunities for development amid the general acceleration in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and welcomes high-quality medicine and healthcare.


In the keynote speech and sessions of high-quality dialogue, the guests of the conference conducted an in-depth analysis and development of trends in the development of health tourism from an academic point of view and from the point of view of an enterprise. The theme "With the normal prevention and control of a new corona epidemic, the opportunities and challenges of global health and medical tourism destinations" focused on the exchange of experience in the development of medical health tourism, and proposals were made for the development of health and medical tourism in Hainan.


It is worth noting that the Hainan Provincial Health Tourism Association was officially opened on the same day. To promote Hainan's pragmatic measures to create a health paradise, it will gather consensus and strength from all parties, and will promote the development of Hainan's health and medical tourism.


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