Topical typhoon news in Sanya and Haikou on Hainan Island, China- changes from September 2 to 3, 2019 and a new typhoon route


A few minutes ago, the typhoon left Hainan Island and headed for Vietnam, although the name "typhoon" was conditionally classified according to the classification as a tropical depression, with a wind speed two times lower than necessary for a typhoon, although there wasn’t much difference for tourists - it rained in Sanya in Hainan, from the night of September 1 to 2:30 p.m. on September 2, 2019, it was almost continuous, but there was no silt wind.


Changes have occurred in the predicted trajectory of this typhoon, although there is no unanimity between the weather services in forecasting now — the Chinese weather service changed the forecast a few hours ago and announced that the typhoon will remain in Vietnam from September 3, 2019 and will continue to move through Vietnam, while the Hong Kong weather service insists on the return of the enhanced version of this typhoon at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour to Hainan on September 4, 2019 - look at the video for the predicted trajectory of this hurricane through Hainan to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Guangdong.


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