Online map of the new TYPHOON in Sanya, Hainan and China: where to see the path of the typhoon with automatic track change, a map of rain and cloudiness

At the top of any page of our site about the weather (only on the pages of the site about the weather!) Now there is an interactive online map of new typhoons in the city of Sanya, on Hainan Island, in general in China, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea - the names of active typhoons are written at the top in the middle cards.


On this online map, you can track the path of any typhoon, the strength of the wind in the area of ​​the typhoon, and the direction of the typhoon in real time. And also you can always see all the places where it is raining now in this area - for this, in the upper right corner on the online map, select a cage map or a cloud map.


The path of each typhoon is marked with dots - in order to find out the strength of the wind at each point - click on this point and you will see a reference window with data. All data are directly broadcast from Chinese weather stations to our website, we do not edit them, so the Chinese language of the original of all data is left.