Internship and work of students in China: documents, conditions, registration

Q: I want to do an internship in China. An internship is a mandatory requirement for me to complete my Master of Science degree.

The duration of the internship is three months, during which I will not receive any monetary compensation. I am currently studying on a short-term exchange in China and I hope to deepen my understanding of the Chinese work environment. I currently have an X1 visa/residence permit, can I use this residence permit for an unpaid internship?


An internship is a requirement for my degree. This internship cannot be considered a job because I will not be paid for it and it is short term (90 days). If I have a residence permit and cannot do an internship, do I need to apply for an F visa?


Answer: In order to meet the actual needs of foreign students in China to participate in off-campus internships, Article 22 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, promulgated and enacted in 2013, states: "For foreigners with residence permits in the form required for off-campus employment or internships, you should apply to the Public Security Authority's Entry and Exit Management Department for a new residence permit to include information about the place of work or internship, subject to approval by your place of study.


Foreigners who have only a residence permit for study cannot work or do an internship outside the place of study. Foreign students in need of an internship can present a student acceptance certificate for an out-of-study internship issued by the university, as well as an internship acceptance certificate issued by the internship department, and apply for a permit to the Exit Management Department of the local public security authority. finding your place of study and only after approval you will be able to take such an internship.


The department for entry and exit will need a full package of documents as for a new student visa + a 3-way agreement with the university and the company for the internship and the student himself. Then they will change the visa. In the same way for a student, but with a note of the place of work and time