It is strictly forbidden to collect information about the position and income of parents in Chinese schools

According to the website of the Ministry of Education, in order to further improve the long-term mechanism for fair admission and create a good learning environment for students, the General Administration of the Ministry of Education recently issued the "Notice on Continuing Good Performance in Regular Primary and Secondary School Enrollment" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice" ).


"Notice" requires all regions to scientifically and rationally delineate territories, establish a thorough screening system for school-age children of the resident population at the stage of compulsory education, scientifically delineate admission to each comprehensive school in accordance with the goal of "separation of schools and enrollment of students at the places of residence."


In places where educational resources are relatively balanced, the gradual introduction of sections per school is encouraged to reasonably and stabilize school expectations. Where educational resources are insufficiently balanced, actively and steadily promote multi-school division, distribute schools to the respective districts, so as to promote the overall balance of quality educational resources between districts.


The "Notice" emphasizes that all localities should improve the compulsory education enrollment registration system and further standardize the collection of registration information in accordance with the principles of not providing secondary materials and collecting information without the need to completely remove and cancel unnecessary supporting documents, such as experience early childhood education, a family planning certificate, and a school age overage certificate. It is strictly forbidden to collect information about the status and income of the parents of students, and it is also not allowed to use various applications and small programs to repeatedly collect information about students at will.


The Notice clarifies that all localities must fully implement the simultaneous admissions policy in public and private schools, and private compulsory education schools must prioritize meeting the enrollment needs of students in the district (district) where the school is located.


To conscientiously implement the policy of qualified children taking the high school entrance examination at the place of residence, and properly carry out the examination enrollment and registration services for accompanying children who return to the place of residence to take the high school entrance examination.


The "Notice" emphasizes that all localities should effectively strengthen organizational leadership, strictly enforce the "Ten Strict Prohibitions" on primary and secondary school enrollment, simplify complaint and appeal channels, and seriously investigate and punish illegal activities related to enrollment. .


All localities should continue to promote the quality and balanced development of compulsory education, as well as the diversified and distinctive development of ordinary secondary schools, in order to create conditions for better ensuring that children and adolescents of school age receive an equitable and quality basic education.