Summer International Film Festival on the island of Hainan - “Italian Summer” opened near Sanya Dadonghai beach

On the evening of July 26 2019, the Summer International Film Festival on the Hainan Island - “Italian Summer” opened on Sanya Dadonghai beach. The Italian comedy film “Five Days of Glory,” as a debut film, attracted many fans of Italian cinema.


“Five Days of Fame”, an inexpensive independent film, which premiered in Italy in January 2019, and received a good box office at the show. This time the director, screenwriter Stefaninio Fellini attended the opening ceremony of the “Italian Summer” and expected that moviegoers on Hainan Island would like this unique Italian film.


In the evening, Fellini shared the story of the production of the film: “This film is based on the real experience of the director. This film reflects the growth path of small characters, with the humor of their philosophy of life. Such a story is spread all over the world. I look forward to the suggestions and criticism from the Hinan moviegoers. ”


Fellini is an Italian director, producer, screenwriter and actor. He is the director of many famous films such as “City of Beauty”, “The Flower of Evil”, “Special Year”, etc., among them “City of Beauty” is the best foreign film of the 71st Golden Globe award.


Fellini also said in his speech: “I’ve come to Hainan for the first time. Although I don’t really understand the development of the local film industry, I hope that there will be more international filmmakers who can use Hainan as a film location.”


 Fellini hopes to use the film festival and the Hinan Island International Film Festival platform to attract more Chinese film studios, understand the Chinese film market and establish close relationships with Chinese colleagues.


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