First Chinese mission to Mars with the rover in 2020 is scheduled to launch from the Wenchang Space Center of Hainan Island

Chinese scientists announced the completion of the construction of the rover for the implementation of China's first research mission on Mars. The launch of the Chinese space mission to Mars is expected to take place as early as 2020, the mission includes an orbiter, a rover and a landing module on the surface of Mars.


Ouyang Ziyuan, the supervisor of the Chinese lunar program, who is also the head of the Chinese Martian program, said that the main task of the study is to detect signs of life on Mars and explore the potential for any transformation in order to make Mars suitable for human life in the future.


The Chinese rover explores the atmosphere and landscape of Mars, as well as geological and magnetic characteristics.  The launch of the Chinese rover is planned to be carried out from the Wenchang space center of Hainan Island, which is located in the Wenchang city district on the northeast coast of Hainan Island.


The choice of the Wenchang cosmodrome as the launch site for the Martian mission is primarily due to two factors: proximity to the equator, which provides an advantage in the initial impulse when launching the rocket and location on the seashore with a convenient bay required for delivering the Changzheng-5 launch vehicle from the plant in Tianjin to the launch site the cheapest and only suitable mode of transport - sea. From the observation platform of thematic space park of the Wenchang cosmodrome, tourists will be able to watch the launches of the first China's research mission to Mars.


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