A cultural relic of the Qing dynasty, worth several million, was bought by chance for a song in Haikou, Hainan

Li Liang, a collector of antiques from Haikou, accidentally saw in one of the courtyards of houses in the suburb of Haikou a huge iron box that stood under the stairs. During a short bargaining, Li Liang bought this box for 150 yuan, because the owner of this house considered it rubbish, this box was too bulky, covered with a thick layer of dust and rust, and there was nowhere to put it, so he wanted to dispose of it.


Li Liang brought this iron box home, cleaned it of dirt and rust, and found out through the Internet from Chinese collectors that it was a very expensive ancient box that was used in the Qing dynasty to store jewelry and gold and silver jewelry.


The craftsmanship and accessories used in creating the box correspond to the characteristics of that time and the value of the box reaches several million yuan in the antiques market.


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