Approved "Hainan Province Action Plan for Optimizing the Business Environment in 2019-2020"

Hainan Province Action Plan for Optimizing the Business Environment (2019-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”) proposes 29 reforms in 11 aspects, including starting a business, obtaining building permits, receiving telecommunication services, registering property, receiving loans and improving financing conditions, tax promotion, cross-border trade and investor protection.


This will help Hainan Island to accelerate the formation of the rule of law, internationalization, and the facilitation of the business environment, as well as contribute to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Pilot Zone and Free Trade Port. The action plan also specifies the responsible units and the timeline for the completion of various reform initiatives.


From the point of view of starting a business, Hainan will further expand the “license separation” reforms and expand the scope of reforms in the areas of tourism, modern services and high-tech industries. Promote functional innovations “Mobile Internet + Government Services”, integrate the functions of mobile government services, and create a unified portal of public services that covers the functions of various departments and open interagency data.


 The promotion and support of domestic and foreign first-class architectural and design firms in the creation of branches, the support of foreign firms and domestic qualified design firms for joint organization and promotion have been introduced. Development of the consulting services industry in the field of engineering construction.


In the area of ​​electricity generation and telecommunication services, construction of an international submarine cable in Hainan and connection to international submarine cable to Hong Kong and other places, for Hainan to participate in the digital economy, information technology, etc. Cooperate to provide support for network infrastructure. Expand the construction of 5G in the provinces, accelerate the promotion of 5G network coverage across the island and comprehensively develop commercial 5G networks to create a demonstration effect of 5G.


From the point of view of property registration, to facilitate the exchange of data between real estate registration agencies and banks, to promote the creation of service centers for the convenience of real estate registration in the province, and to promote universal real estate mortgage loans and mortgage registration services in bank branches. Creating a model of real estate registration in blockchain.


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