For smoking on a high-speed train in Hainan, China, tourists were fined with a ticket prohibition

Smoking tourists were fined for smoking on a high-speed train in Hainan, China, and they were also limited to buying tickets for 180 days.


At around 4:00 p.m., the Hainan D7226 high-speed train was just released from the Haikou East Railway Station. The train safety officer conducted a routine train check. When he patrolled in car no. 5, he saw people smoking. A security officer immediately destroyed the cigarette butts and collected evidence on the spot. These tourists were transferred to the police station of the Baimajin Station, Haikou Railway Public Safety Office.


As a result, they were sentenced to an administrative fine of 500 yuan in order to jeopardize the safety of rail transport and limit the purchase of tickets for 180 days.


Rail Safety Reminder: Smoking on a high-speed EMU train or smoking in areas where other trains are not allowed is subject to a fine of 500 to 2,000 yuan. In the event of serious consequences, such as a train fire caused by smoking, criminal liability must be investigated in accordance with the law, and ticket purchases will be limited to 180 days.


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