Sanya Police in Hainan, China Finds Lost Expensive Watches at Phoenix Airport via Camera Face Recognition

Around 2:00 p.m., Mr. Wang came to the police station at Phoenix Airport in Sanya and said that when he was relaxing in the massage chair of the Phoenix airport terminal, he put the watch nearby and when he left, he forgot to pick it up. The watch cost 120,000 yuan and was of special memorable value.


Wen Weiji, a policeman on duty, looked at the security cameras at the airport and saw that a woman had taken and put the watch in her bag. Through a facial recognition system, the policeman identified this woman, Ms. Dong and her phone.


At 6 p.m. policeman Wen Weiji successfully contacted Ms. Dong by telephone, and after a lengthy conversation, Ms. Dong promised to return the watch. Subsequently, Wen Weiji again contacted Mr. Wang to inform him that the watch was found. In the end, Mr. Wang successfully picked up the watch.


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