The Hainan 2017 volleyball marathon will be held in the cities of Sanya, Wenchang and Qunghai on the island of Hainan, China from December 8 to December 24, 2017, these volleyball competitions are designed to enhance the athletic skills of those engaged in determining the best players and teams of Hainan Island, popularizing volleyball among people of different ages in Hainan Province, as well as for the organization of healthy, cultural and active recreation of the young generation of Hainan Island. The Hainan volleyball marathon 2017 will be held in a mixed system of volleyball competitions, which is a combination of two systems of rally: circular and with elimination, where the final part of the competition is held in a circular system, and the introductory part - on a system with elimination. The advantage of the mixed system is that it allows, with a large number of participating teams, to hold the Hainan 2017 volleyball marathon in just two weeks and to fairly accurately determine the balance of forces of the participating teams. Thus, each of the eighteen participating in the Hainan volleyball marathon 2017 teams will be determined place in the competition.

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