Haikou will invest 1.86 million yuan in the construction of 32 football fields on the island of Hainan, China

In 2021, the sports industry in Haikou will move forward - Haikou is investing 1.86 million yuan to build 32 soccer fields on Hainan Island, China.


The South National Sports Training Base has been listed as the Haikou Sailing and Windsurfing Base. Haikou has made early progress in promoting the construction of a national sports tourism demonstration zone. The coverage of mass sporting events continued to expand. The Haikou City National Fitness Exercise Implementation Plan was presented, and mass sports events such as Tai Chi Fitness, Football and Basketball Leagues were widely disseminated. Massive fitness centers have been continuously improved and invested in full coverage of fitness tracks and fitness equipment in parks, communities, active preparations are underway for the construction of the city's first intelligent sports park and national fitness center in Haikou.


In addition, the protection of cultural heritage is actively encouraged. In Haikou City, 14 provincial cultural relic protection units were added during the year; the installation of security signs and monuments for 25 municipal-level protection units was completed, as well as the coordination of filming and mapping of the protection area and the construction of control zones.


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