China's first PRP sports science rehabilitation medicine training facility opens in Sanya, Hainan, China

The PRP Technology National Expert Committee held the opening ceremony of China's first scientific and technical base for PRP portable rehabilitation medicine at the Sports Medicine Rehab Medical Center in the Shangong Valley, Haishu District, Sanya.


High platelet count plasma (PRP), first introduced in 1993, has the ability to quickly stop bleeding, relieve pain, and accelerate wound healing. help autologous biologically active substances in this scientific and technical training base of sports rehabilitation medicine PRP in Sanya, Hainan.


In Europe and the USA, PRP technology has gained rich experience. PRP technology in China is still in its infancy. National Committee of Experts on PRP technology will rely on the scientific and technical basis of PRP training to advance the specification of PRP technology and its effective application in clinical practice, so that clinical patients and patients can really benefit from PRP technology.


 The reason why the National Expert Committee on PRP Technology decided to place a training base at the Sanya Shangong Sports Medical Rehabilitation Medical Center is because the center has a highly professional team of experts and professional equipment, as well as the center sports injuries, sports rehabilitation center and health management center.


The center of sports training and the center of sports nutrition, in accordance with the application of PRP technology based on the correct diagnosis, comprehensive assessment and scientific testing, rational use of minimally invasive treatment, rehabilitation after exercise, the appointment of exercise, sports training, sports nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional sports and other means will help patients return to health and exercise.


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