The famous Chinese youth show Produce Camp 2021 or CHUANG 2021, the local Star Factory, which is now being held in Hainan, China, will soon end.
But among Russians, this show became known thanks to the scandal that arose with the Russian participant in this show, Vladislav Ivanov from Vladivostok, who took the pseudonym Lelouch.

In March 2021, the first information appeared on the Internet that Vladislav wants, but cannot leave this show, allegedly if he breaks the contract, he will have to pay an unthinkable fine, according to a participant from Ukraine, who sang and danced with Lelouch for some time. but dropped out of the project and asked his fans not to vote for Vladislav, because he really wants to get home.

As Russian media now report, Vladislav allegedly got to the show by accident, he arrived in Hainan from Shanghai (where he studies at Fudan University) at the request of his friend from the King Holdings talent agency to be a translator for Japanese participants Amu and Yuu, but then agreed at the persuasion of the organizers of the show and became its participant, choosing the pseudonym Lelouch (that is the name of the anime hero "Code Geass. Lelouch Risen"), this is an extremely amazing story, given that there was a huge competition and thousands of people who wanted to take the place of the show participant among the Chinese themselves.

Despite the fact that he made himself thousands of new fans in Chinese social networks, he is not the main favorite of this show, but he definitely increased his popularity and if he previously worked as a model, as reported by the Russian media, now there will be more people who want to work with him. this show is the best start for his career in this field. This is a good chance for Vladislav to become famous, which millions of Chinese dream about, Chinese social networks ardently support Lelouch's desire to leave, they often write that he "must give way to those who are ready to work."

Also, the Russian media reported that all the participants and Lelouch also allegedly had their phones taken away and they had no connection with the outside world, but there is a photo in Chinese social networks where Vladislav is calmly talking to someone on a mobile phone along with the rest of the participants show.

It is difficult to say how the situation is developing now in reality, but what prevents Vladislav from calling the Consulate or the Embassy, ​​or his relatives and telling them about the obstacles in relation to him on this show, if any, if these difficulties arose a few months ago?
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We inform you about the contacts of the organizers of this show.
Produce Camp 2021 Official Accounts:
Instagram: chuang_official or producecamp2021
Twitter: @CHUANG_Official
Youtube: CHUANG2021
Facebook: CHUANG2021

And the contacts of Lelouch himself:

Stage Name: Lelouch
Real name: Vladislav Ivanov
Chinese Name: Wei Junhao
Birthday: January 23, 1994
Company: King Holdings
Instagram: bogatcio
Tiktok: @bogatcio


Создано: 18 апреля 2021