Tourism, Culture and Sports Statistics of Hainan Province, China in 2020

As of the end of 2020, there were 111 different art groups in Hainan Province, China, which was the same as at the end of last year; 23 museums of culture and art, 24 public libraries, the number of which was the same as in the previous year. year and 34 museums, which is 7 more than in the previous year. There are 20 radio and television stations in Hainan Province, China, and overall radio and television coverage reached 99.20% and 99.23%, respectively, up 0.14 and 0.15 percentage points over the previous year.


The number of cable TV subscribers amounted to 1.4346 million, which is 123,200 people less than in the previous year. The artistic activity continued. Qiong's opera "White Horse Springs" premiered on National Day; During the happy festival, art events were held, 16 performances were held during the Performing Arts Week, and 19 beautiful dramas were shown on the Internet; 407 rural performances and 92 “Chinese Opera Enter Campus” events were sent, Qiong's anti-drug opera “Rebirth” toured 50 times, and Qiong's contemporary opera “Children of the Coconut Village” participated in an online performance by the National Mass Opera Company.


In 2020, Hainan Province, China received 64,550,900 tourists, which is 22.3% less than in the previous year. Among them there were 5,574,200 overnight tourists, a decrease of 20.0%. 64.326 million domestic tourists were received, which is 21.2% less than in the previous year. The number of overnight tourists was 224,000, which is 84.4% less than in the previous year.


Among them there were 176,600 foreigners, which is 83.7% less; compatriots from Hong Kong - 27,200, up 79.0%; compatriots from Macau - 4,700, a decrease of 74.4%, and Taiwanese compatriots - 16,200, a decrease of 92.2%. The total tourism revenue was 87.286 billion yuan, down 17.5% from the previous year. During 2020, athletes from Hainan, China won 74 gold, silver and bronze medals in the National Games, including 32 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 21 bronze medals. In total, 17 competitive sports events were held during the year.


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