Tourism statistics, hotel occupancy and tourist attractions in Sanya, Hainan, China

In January-February 2021, the average hotel attendance in Sanya, Hainan, China was 50.19%; Sanya's scenic spots and tourist spots received 53,600 tourists, down 56.96% from a year earlier. The hotel clusters Sanya Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay have relatively high occupancy rates. According to statistics, the opening rate of rooms at the Yalong Bay tourist hotel reached 70.81%, and at the Haitang Bay Tourist hotel - 60.79%. Sanya scenic spots and tourist spots received a total of 53,600 tourists, down 56.96% from a year earlier.


Among them, Nanshan received 5600 tourists, which is 71.53% less than last year; Tianya Haijiao received 30,000 tourists, down 83.90% from last year; Eternal Love received 8,800 tourists year on year, down 48.17%; Atlantis (Water World, Dolphin Bay) received 10,000 tourists, down 21.79% from a year earlier. On February 10, 80,400 inbound and outbound tourists arrived in Sanya, down 39.29% from last year; among them 37,200 incoming tourists, which is 40.01% less than last year; and 43,200 outbound tourists a year, a decrease of 38.65% over the same period last year. There were 305 flights and departures from Sanya Phoenix Airport, which is 29.2% less than a year earlier.


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