For the first time in China, a department for the treatment of malaria and other tropical diseases was opened at the hospital of the Hainan Medical University in Haikou, Hainan Island, China, which is equipped with 46 hospital beds, nine doctors work there.


The opening of the hospital in Hainan is due to the fact that the transport openness of Hainan Island may lead to visiting the island by citizens of Southeast Asia and Africa who may act as carriers of malaria and other tropical diseases.


The Department for the Treatment of Malaria and Other Tropical Diseases at the Hospital of Hainan Medical University of Haikou City will fight such diseases as: malaria, leprosy, tetanus, rabies, tuberculosis, infectious diarrhea, cholera, dengue fever, tsutsugamusi (Japanese fever), rash, Japanese fever, dengue, jutsugamusi (Japanese fever), rash, Japanese fever, dengue, jutsugamus (Japanese fever), rash, dengue, Japanese fever, Japanese fever, Japanese fever, dengue, Japanese fever, Japanese fever, Japanese fever other.


In addition to these diseases, doctors in Haikou will diagnose and treat other non-infectious tropical diseases associated with tropical climatic features, including: thermal sunstroke, poisoning with tropical fruits and vegetables and many others, as well as conducting basic research on infectious diseases in tropical areas of the island Hainan.


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