The "Fifth Hainan International Health Industry Expo 2021" (referred to as the "Hainan Health Expo") will be held at the Hainan International Expo Center from November 12-14, 2021. The Fifth Hainan Healthcare Exhibition has three main sections. An important window for global healthcare brands, the exhibition focuses on creating sections of biopharmaceuticals, medical tourism, drugs and equipment, traditional Chinese medicine and healthy lifestyles; the conference forum consists of 3 main forums and 10 parallel forums, including the China International Medicine and Health Industry Summit; cultural events include Tai Chi performances, Chinese medicine experiences, wellness and charity run, etc.


This exhibition will use Hall 1-4 of the Hainan International Exhibition and Convention Center with an exhibition area of ​​45,000 square meters, and there will also be exhibition areas for innovative medicine and health products, medical tourism, Chinese medicine, high-quality care for the elderly and a healthy lifestyle. life. To enhance the professionalism of Health Expo, a professional exhibition of innovative drugs and medical devices was opened this year in Hall 2, with an exhibition area of ​​13,000 square meters. It is worth noting that the world's first inhaled corona disease vaccine will be on display in Hall 2 and viewers will be able to experience the new inhaled corona vaccine on-site.


The Cansino inhalation vaccine trial was approved at the end of March, making the company the only Chinese COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer to receive approval to conduct nasal spray trials. With planned trials of inhaled immunization, Cansino is now one of several global companies exploring the nasal route of vaccination.


The new vaccine is based on technology that Cansino has tried to create an inhaled tuberculosis vaccine as well as its own injectable coronavirus vaccine. Inhalation of COVID-19 vaccine can provide a more effective and faster form of protection by activating antibodies in the airways, where the disease is infected - when the virus enters the respiratory tract, you already have a layer of antibodies or memory T cells vital to immune system that can be quickly activated. Technology is expanding the possibilities of Chinese medicine, which is also the highlight of the exhibition.


The Health Expo will feature a mobile vehicle called Mobile Emergency Intelligent Chinese Pharmacy. This vehicle has seven systems, including a diagnostic and treatment system, a drug delivery system, and a drug management system. It has flexible mobility, smart connectivity, mobile drug delivery, real-time monitoring, etc. This year, Health Expo will seize the opportunity to accelerate the construction of a free trade port with Chinese features in Hainan, fully unleash the benefits of Hainan as an important strategic foothold of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, based on Hainan, overlooking the South China Sea, connecting the world and further deepening of relations between countries and regions along the route. Health exchange and collaboration aims to turn it into a "national and international" brand show


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