Electronic certificate of vaccination in Hainan can be equivalent to a paper certificate of vaccination

The Hainan Provincial Big Data Administration and the Provincial Health Commission have launched a new electronic vaccination certificate function, anyone can now download and save it on the Hainan Health Code page. The Hainan Health Code reportedly implements the relationship of vaccination data with the Hainan Provincial Health Commission.


Hainan health code can display detailed vaccination information for people vaccinated in Hainan at the same time. However, there are also times when people need to go to the vaccination point to issue a paper certificate. In order to effectively deal with the problem of people, the Hainan Health Administration has introduced a new electronic vaccination voucher function.


“My boss demands that we provide a vaccination certificate, but I am busy at work and I do not have time to print it out at the vaccination point. You can now directly open the Hainan Health Code page to export the vaccination certificate. It's really convenient! ”Said one of the local residents. How to get an electronic certificate of vaccination? The user opens the Hainan Health Code page, clicks the new vaccine icon, navigates to the new vaccine details page, and clicks the [export electronic certificate] button in the upper right corner to export the vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate is automatically saved in the local photo album and is valid for 30 days.


The electronic vaccination voucher displays three types of information. The first is vaccination voucher information: medical code information, e- voucher creation time and exclusive QR code; the second - information about the recipient: recipient number, identification number and name of the recipient, date of birth, gender, contact number, home address; third - details of vaccination: vaccine name, dose, vaccination time, vaccine batch number, manufacturer, vaccination unit. At the same time, the electronic vaccination voucher supports third-party verification. The verifier only needs to open the mobile phone to scan the function and scan the QR code on the vaccination e-voucher to verify the authenticity of the voucher


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