The first voyage of the international container line China United Shipping Hainan-Yangpu - China - Vietnam SHX Line was launched

The ceremony of the first voyage of the international line China United Shipping Hainan Yangpu - China - Vietnam SHX Line was successfully held at the Yangpu Xiaochang terminal - the "AS FLORA" container ship left the port of Hainan, Yangpu.


The SHX China-Vietnam route opened by China United Shipping operated two 1200 TEU container ships jointly operated by China United Shipping and Xinxinhai Shipping under the COSCO Shipping Group. The opening of the route will further expand transport channels between Hainan and the countries of Southeast Asia, create a denser network of international linear routes, help further improve the logistics system of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and provide better conditions for attracting more industries to locate in Hainan.


China United Shipping is the first local international shipping company in Hainan to open an international liner route in Hainan since its inception Hainan Free Trade Port, and the second company to open an international liner route in Hainan after COSCO SHIPPING. China United Shipping is a local international shipping company registered and established in Yangpu, Hainan in 2005. Its operating headquarters are located in Shanghai.


This time, it reopened its site in Hainan, opening up new international routes, and also taking practical steps to develop Hainan Free Trade Port, it is important to accelerate the construction of a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics throughout Hainan Island and help shape a new model of full opening.


The opening of the Sino-Vietnamese route by Sino-Vietnamese shipping jointly with Xinxinhai Shipping within the COSCO SHIPPING Group is a landmark event for local shipping companies in Yangpu opening international liner routes. In the next phase, Yangpu will further strengthen the port and shipping industry, modernize the logistics system, continue to introduce institutional innovation, develop the shipping development industry, expand and strengthen the shipping industry chain, and build core competitiveness.


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