Super-long tunnel Wuzhishan - Baoting 5 km in length opened on Hainan Island, China

The super-long Wuzhishan-Baoting Tunnel to the Expressway is officially opened, and the tunnel currently has the largest investment in Hainan.


The ultra-long Wuzhishan-Baoting Tunnel is an important control project for the Haitan Bay Expressway. It is currently the Hainan Highway with the largest investment, longest mileage, and most difficult construction. The area where the tunnel is located has difficult geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions. The tunnel crosses 5 formation zones, which significantly complicated construction, but the tunnel was completed 7 months ahead of schedule.


On the main line of the tunnel, design standards are adopted with two-way four-lane traffic, the design speed is 100 km / h, the sections are separate tunnel structures: the length of the left line is 4845 m, the length of the right line is 4870 m, and the maximum tunnel depth is about 383 m This ultra-long Wuzhishan tunnel is currently the longest tunnel in Hainan and southern China.


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